From inception to completion...
Proof Productions, Inc. is a young company bringing to our projects a renowned international team with over 200 years of collective experience. We are a full service scenic studio specializing in all types of projects from inception to completion. We have a fully staffed fabrication department including artists, carvers, sculptors, carpenters, electricians and metal fabrication technicians. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, theater, TV/film, restaurant themes, exhibits, special effects, retail displays, corporate and special events, architectural and engineering support services.
Our quality services include design, management, engineering, fabrication, transportation, installation, storage, labor, sculpting, scenic finishes, metal sculpting, large scale replicas, special effects, molds and fiberglass. We also offer a variety of product support services such as staging, rigging, lighting, sound, masking, soft goods, equipment and tools. Our event production team is equipped to handle all aspects of an event from design and planning to lights, sound and management.


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